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Why You Should Buy an Air Purifier

There are many legitimate reasons as to why you should buy an air purifier. Here, we cover fourteen of such reasons. Let’s talk about them one by one.

You Have Allergy or Asthma

air purifiers for asthmaIf you have allergy and are tired sneezing, coughing, and wiping your runny nose and itchy eyes then you have a strong case for buying an air purifier.

Whether you’re allergic to pollen, dust mites, smoke, or pet dander, an air purifier can help you by removing airborne allergens.

It’s the same thing if you have asthma. An air purifier helps to keep the amount of dust in your home in check so can breathe easier.

You Live Next To a Busy Road

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) living next to a busy road poses risks to your health. Senior citizens and children are particularly at higher risk for adverse health impacts. Premature death, childhood leukemia, cardiovascular disease, and higher rates of asthma onset are just some of them.

why you should buy an air purifier

an air purifier can capture road dust and fine particles from vehicles before they can enter your lungs and damage your health.

You Spend Most of Your Time Indoor

Staying indoors is a good idea when you don’t want to breathe in dirty air outside your home. Or is it?

The U.S. National Library of Medicine says the air in your house or office may also be polluted. Off-gassing from new furniture, paint, cleaning agents, dust mites, are just some of the things that make the air in your home far from healthy.

An air cleaner can help you take care of indoor air pollution around the clock with very little effort on your part.

Some purifiers are equipped with air quality sensors and adjust its cleaning speed accordingly. Even when you’re stuck at home, you can still breathe air as fresh as it is in the mountains.

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You Have Babies or Children.

Exposure to indoor air pollution can have adverse effects on babies and children. The lung defense system on these little ones is not fully developed yet. Air pollutants permeating their lungs may cause asthma, pneumonia, flu, cold, bronchitis, and many more.

air purifiers

Opening windows and doors to improve air ventilation are two easy ways to improve the air quality in your home. Sadly, that is not always possible due to the weather condition or your home location.

Having an air purifier at home guarantees that your babies and children will always have fresh and clean air entering their little lungs. You can put the unit in their bedrooms, so even at night, their lungs are still protected.

You’re a Senior Citizen

Health problems come and go, but they mostly come and rarely go as you get older. Your body is not like it used to when it comes to fighting germs, bacteria, and viruses.

And guess what? The air in most homes is littered with those nasty beings.

Living a long life is no fun when you spend most of your time bedridden from flu and various other ailments caused by microorganisms free-loading at your home.

Exposure to Cigarette Smoke

The ridiculous thing about cigarette smoke is that you don’t have to be the one who smokes to suffer the consequences.

Secondhand and even thirdhand smokers are at risk of getting cancer and various other ailments too.

should i buy an air purifier

Yes, you read that right – thirdhand smokers.

Thirdhand smokes are residual chemicals from cigarette smoke that stuck to surfaces. When you breathe the off-gassing from those surfaces, you become a thirdhand smoker.

You are still at risk of health problems caused by cigarette smoke this way.

An air purifier can’t rid of thirdhand smoke that’s already there, but it can prevent it from getting worse by trapping the smoke before it gets attached to stuff.

Effectively, that also prevents you from becoming a secondhand smoker. If the purifier has an active carbon filter, it can also rid of the odor at the same time.

You Have Pets

Cute and loving pets are great to have around. The downside is they can get stinky while spreading fur plus dander all over.

Pet dander is a huge problem since they are microscopic and you cannot notice it immediately, but they can trigger allergic reactions or aggravate asthma symptoms.

benefits of air purifiers

Placing an air purifier next to your pets’ cage or in the area where they hang around can greatly reduce the amount of airborne pet dander and fur. It also prevents your whole house from smelling like your wet pets or their poo an urine.

Your Home Has Plenty of Carpets

Carpets are common in homes, but unlike hard floors and tiles, carpets trap dust stupidly well. Vacuuming your carpets regularly will reduce the amount of dust trapped, but vacuuming unavoidably blasts some of the dust back into the air.

Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from carpeting is also a huge problem. The VOCs mostly come from the use of adhesive during installation.

air purifiers 2018Claiming that carpet is detrimental to indoor air quality is not an exaggeration if you consider those two factors.

Running an air purifier for two to three days after installing new carpets is recommended to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals from new carpets.

After that period, the purifier also helps reduce the number of airborne particles that will eventually be trapped in the carpets.

You Hate Dusting

air purifiers for dustGo ahead and admit it. We won’t judge. You’re not the only one who hates wiping dust off of furniture only to find a fresh layer an hour later.

An air purifier can significantly cut the amount of dust hovering inside your home. As a result, your dusting routine will be less frequent.

You’re Renovating

Upgrading the kitchen? That’s cool, but do mind the dust and chemicals while you’re at it.

Turning an air purifier on full blast while you’re doing your work will keep dust and VOCs in check. Yes, they will be some loitering around but the number will be greatly reduced.

air purifier

You Love to Cook

When you live in an apartment, you may have a certain restriction on what you can cook.

If you love spicy Indian food, for example, your neighbors may complain about the pungent odor coming out of your apartment. Some apartments in Singapore even have specifically refused Indian tenants.

The landlords aren’t being racists or anything like that. They just dislike their property smelling like an Indian restaurant once their tenants leave.

does air purifiers remove odors“What’s an air purifier got to do with all this?”

Some air purifiers are really good at removing odor. They usually have active carbon filter specifically added for that reason. Just blast the purifier on high while you’re cooking and the odor won’t linger past ten minutes mark.

You Have a Fireplace

does air purifiers remove dustWe’re sure you can guess why you should buy an air purifier if there’s a fireplace in your home. Yes, the smoke. Wood smoke particles are commonly less than one micron in diameter.

At that size, they can easily penetrate your lungs and find free lodgings there at your expense.

If you keep an air purifier running in the same room as the fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth without worrying about the pollution. That’s a win-win in our book.

Your Area is Prone to Bush or Forest Fire

Bush or forest fire can last for days as long as there is enough dry fuel to burn. That’s an extreme inconvenience for people living in surrounding area as the thick smoke envelopes everything in sight.

Just like smoke from your fireplace, wildfire smoke is bad for your health. Wearing bandanas or scarves over your nose won’t help much.

Even wearing surgical masks is not enough to protect you in this scenario. Running an air purifier can keep the air inside your home in a safe level as it can trap smoke particles that find their way into your home.

does an air purifiers work

Obviously, you shouldn’t wait until a fire occurs to get an air purifier. You need to have one on hand before the need arise.

You’re Healthy …

… and intend to keep it that way. Prevention is more important and most of the times a lot cheaper than going to the doctor.

“But I have insurance”

Good for you. Insurance can seriously cover your back with the bills, but how about the lost time and productivity?

Planning on a long trip with the family? Too bad, everyone catches a cold.

Finishing up your million-dollar idea? Nope, your allergy won’t let you. You have a runny nose asking for your attention 24/7 now.


Well, how did it go? How many of those reasons were there that you could relate to. We realize that having an air purifier at home may not be everyone’s idea of the perfect solution. However, if you can relate to at least three points from the list, we highly recommend you buy an air purifier today. Your family’s health, as well as yours, is on the line here. Do not wait, do not hesitate. Make the right step to ensure everyone’s well-being.