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Green Air Encore Air Purifier Review

Green Air Encore HEPA And Carbon Filter Air Purifier With IonCluster Technology

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We’re continuously exposed to dangerous air when we commute to work, go shopping or take a walk. Air in most cities puts our health at risk. Inside our homes, we need fresh, clean air, to protect ourselves from smog, bad odors, and mold.

Green Air Encore is a smart solution for a cleaner air inside. Thanks to its three-stage air filter system, it purifies the air in any room in the house and kills microbes and bacteria.

Efficiency And Modern Design

Green Air Encore has a nice form. Golden, it goes well with a wide range of flooring types, including wood floors. It’s thinner than many similar devices (7.5in) and has an elegant, modern look. It’s also silent, which makes it a good choice when you need an air purifier in the bedroom.

Green Air Encore Air Purifier Review

The device comes with air quality changing lights. The light changes colour in four different stages – from red to blue, depending on how clean the air in the room is. Its air quality sensors identify modifications in air composition and start purification automatically to maintain good air quality all day long.

You’ve overcooked the chicken? In less than an hour, there’ll be no proof left of your kitchen disaster: no smoke, no strange odours. This air purifier is efficient both in small and large rooms (up to 1,000 sq.ft), thanks to its three air filters:

best air purifier in 2018A washable pre-filter, which captures large particles. Its purpose is to extend the life of the main filter.

  • A granulated carbon filter that retains bad odours, smoke, and gasses.
  • A true HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter that captures up to 99.97% of particles

Particles remain trapped inside the filters, so they won’t contaminate the air inside the house anymore. Green Air Encore is effective against bacteria, too. Its IonCluster Technology attacks particles and causes them to fall on the floor. This way, bacteria, and microbes stay away from your lungs.

This air purifier is energy efficient, having a 58W power consumption.

Filter Change Indicator

One of the advantages of Green Air Encore is its filter change indicator. This feature allows to substitute filters at the right moment. You save money by not having to change them sooner. Or, you don’t breathe contaminated air, in the case you’ve waited too long to change filters.  

As stated before, the pre-filter is washable. The HEPA and the Carbon multi-functional filters need to be substituted to work efficiently. Depending on the air in your house, you’ll have to change these filters every six months or once a year. You have easy access to the filters, so there’s no need to detach parts of the device to substitute them.

Great For People With Allergies

best air purifiers allergiesThanks to its true-HEPA filter, Green Air Encore helps people with allergies to breath clean air inside their homes. The filter retains all allergens (sometimes smaller than 3 microns), such as most pollen, dust mites, mold spores, pet dander, and ragweed.

The IonCluster Technology makes this air purifier good for people with mild to moderate asthma. Its ability to destroy mite allergens helps to maintain low levels of airway inflammation.

Green Air Encore is also a smart solution for other situations in which you need to purify indoor air:

  • Old buildings
  • Homes in cities where the air registers high levels of contamination
  • Houses with open kitchens

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To Sum Up

Green Air Encore is an efficient air purifier, with air quality sensors that allow it to go from one operating mode to another, for economical power consumption. Yet, some users believe the device steps too fast into Auto mode, with negative effects on the air quality.

Its three-way filter system purifies the air, by retaining allergens, dust, and bacteria. And, thanks to its filter change indicator, you can always be sure the filters are still working, so you won’t have to change them way ahead.

Green Air Encore provides good quality for its mid-range price.

What We Loved

  • Modern design – golden cover, light (16 pounds), small dimensions (25x14x7.5 in) and nice shape.
  • Air quality sensors.
  • Filter change indicator.
  • Easy access to filters.
  • Quiet.
  • True-HEPA filter and IonCluster Technology that keep away allergens, microbes, and bacteria.
  • Four operating modes – Auto, Fan, Night and Silent.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The lack of wheels allows little mobility.
  • You need two devices to cover a two-floors home.
  • No remote control available.
  • The LED lighting can be too bright, according to some users.
  • Low-quality customer care.
  • Design - 10/10
  • Perfomance - 7/10
  • Price/Value - 7/10
  • Features - 9/10