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Cyairnova Air Purifier Review

Cyairnova Air Purifier

cyairnova air purifier

Do you have concerns about the quality of air in your home? The air we breathe is continuously contaminated by microorganisms and dust particles that the naked eye cannot see. Getting an air purifier for your home comes in handy but only if you get the right purifier.

Did you know that air indoors is more polluted than outdoor air? Since most of our time is spent indoors, it is imperative to have good quality healthy air to avoid health risks like nasal congestion, allergies, and constant sneezing.

If you have been looking for a long time for the ideal air purifier, look no further. Cyairnova is introducing to you their latest air purifier. The Cyairnova air purifier is an excellent product that has no ozone emission. It has nano oxidation technology that makes it the future of air purification. The device is powerful enough to cover 1000 sq. Ft. The Cyairnova air purifier is safe to use indoors and gives excellent air quality.

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  1. Long warranty – A three-year warranty is granted for any parts of the purifier that is dysfunctional. There is a two-year warranty for the nano catalytic ceramic cell.
  2. Ease of use – The Cyairnova air purifier is very easy to use. There are no tedious installation and assembling processes. Once you have your purifier, directly connect the adapter to the jack, plug in and begin using the device.
  3. No ozone emission – No ozone emission means there are no UV processes used therefore no ozone production. Purifiers that emit gases put you at more risk. The Cyairnova air purifier filters out all the harmful gases, bacteria and viruses.
  4. Affordable – Buying the Cyairnova air purifier guarantees you a smooth experience. There are no filters on the device which takes away the filter replacement costs. The air purifier is also very energy efficient as it only uses 20 watts.
  5. DC-powered and portable – Cyairnova air purifier is not a bulky device. It is easy to transport and has a straightforward but efficient design that allows you to install your purifier easily.
  6. Safe – The purifier addresses all volatile organic compounds, allergen, toxins, smoke, paint, mold and perfumes. It is safe to use and makes it safe for you to breathe.
  7. Extensive Reach – The device covers 1000sq. Ft which makes it very efficient.
  8. Quiet – The purifier does not produce sounds when working. The purifier is built with noise dampening vents.


The primary purpose of the Cyairnova air purifier is to filter microscopic air pollutants, odors, hair and pollen particles. 99% of particles are purified, and you get clean, healthy air in your home. The air purifier has an opening on its body that pulls in unpurified air.

Once the impure air is sucked into the purifier, it goes through several processes before it is released back as clean air. Dust, pollen and hair particles are more substantial and therefore undergo a pre-filter stage before the central filtration begins.

Cyairnova air filter has multiple filtration processes to ensure that all pollutants are removed from the air. It has useful filtration compounds like carbon to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

The Cyairnova air purifier gives you freedom over the speeds you want. There are adjustment buttons to increase or reduce the fan speeds. You can also set the purifier to automatic. On this setting, the device adjusts itself according to the conditions.

It is also possible to set the purifier on sleep mode or set a shut off time for the device. The purifier’s body is built with noise dampening vents that make the Cyairnova experience quiet and efficient.


Cyairnova air purifier is an exceptional air filtration device that cleans out 99% of all air contaminants in your home. These model has received praise due to its effectiveness in cleaning out all pollutants in the air and its safety since it does not emit ozone.

The product fared well among users as many people praise its performance. It can clean out 1000 sq. Ft which is an impressive reach. Most customers are impressed by its ability to clean a larger space.

The Cyairnova air purifier should quickly and efficiently serve all your air filtration needs. Its performance in removing microscopic particles, organic contaminants and larger particles like pollen is impressive. Compared to other models, Cyairnova’s performance is impeccable

The purifier is built with noise dampening vents. It is however not very silent according to test scores. It fairs on average compared to other purifying models.


cheap air purifierBesides the cost of the purifier itself, there are other costs to consider like energy and maintenance costs. Cyairnova air purifier does not use filters, and therefore you do not incur replacement costs for filters. It comes with a nano photo-catalytic ceramic cell that’s replaceable.

Energy usage of this model is very efficient. The purifier only requires 20 watts. Electricity usage and costs with this purifier are very low making it an excellent choice.


Cyairnova air purifier is a captivating model that offers nano oxidation and filters out 99% of all harmful microorganisms in the air. It is a potent device with a broad reach of up to 1000 sq. Ft and scores favorably among users. The purifier does not require filter replacement which makes it a very affordable device.

The Cyairnova offers an on average quiet experience since some users found it to be still noisy. Its performance is bound to satisfy most homeowners as its powerful multiple filtration systems take care of all air contaminants.

  • Design - 8.5/10
  • Perfomance - 7/10
  • Price/Value - 7.6/10
  • Features - 7.6/10