About PurifierForAir – Who are we and what we do

At PurifierForAir we dedicate our time on researching and testing various air purifiers because we believe that clean and pollution free air, is a human right. Back when I first took to New Delhi in India and then later on in Bejing, China did I experience and discover the colossal pollution problem there was in the world. I also watched how the worlds biggest air purifier could make a big difference in helping people breathe clean air. Polluted air can be a serious health risk if you live in an area where there is a lot of cars or factories emitting smoke through their chimneys.

We aim to help you, helping yourself and your household, through air purifiers

James Butler Purifier for air

James Butler

Author, Managing Editor

James Butler has always been interested in technology and gadgets. Upon traveling to China and seeing their pollution problem made James realized the need for common households to purify their homes to prevent diseases and allergic reactions. Therefore James has devoted his life to air purifiers and decided to found PurifierForAir. The rest, as they say, is history.
Alexander Webb Author Picture Portrait

Alexander Webb

Writer, Assistant Editor

Alexander Webb is not a boring guy to work with. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he always had to exercise in some way. Being a nutritionist and avid gym-goer it would only seem natural for him to be interested in pollution free air.