James Butler & Alexander Webb

Hello dear readers and thank you for checking out our website about air purifiers.

PurifierForAir.com was founded for a simple reason; To educate people about air purifiers and the many health benefits that they have.

We have personally experienced the benefits of air purifiers in homes. We were once lazy and unmotivated because we were often sick and we generally didn’t feel good about ourselves. One day, we decided that we wanted to change our lifestyle so we started an investigation. We quickly discovered that the reason we became sick so often was due to the fact that our surroundings were polluted. More precisely, it was our home that was the main reason for our issues because the air inside our home was not clean and that reduced our motivation, energy levels and so on.

Actually, most homes have bad, unhealthy air. It wasn’t an exclusive thing for just us. We decided that we wanted to help others too, so we founded PurifierForAir. We might not reach everyone, even though we really want to, but if we can educate at least some people about the benefits of air purifiers, then our goal has succeeded. Remember, you can help us reach our mission too, by telling your friends and family about air purifiers.

We became intrigued be these air purifiers and asked most of our friends and family, and little to no one knew what they were or what they could do. “It’s a scam” they usually said. We decided to let them try one for some weeks so they could change their opinion, and it worked! The air purifier we gave them, cleansed their air in their home and they were free from pollution and allergens.

After this, we were absolutely certain that we wanted to tell as many people as possible about air purifiers. Every home should have an air purifier, especially if people live in cities because the pollution is much larger. In very big cities, the air outside is outright dangerous to breathe. Why not make the air in your home clean at least?

It is our mission to ensure that our message is brought out to as many people as possible. Our simple goal is to help every person in the world and make everyone breathe better, healthier air. We spend countless hours testing, reviewing and recommending air purifiers in our free time. Although air purifiers aren’t exactly cheap, we try to do our best to ensure our guides are up-to-date and accurate. All our reviews and recommendations are unbiased and we do not accept sponsored listings.

We hope you like our site and that you will help us spread the word.

Yours faithfully James Butler & Alexander Webb

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